A team of Manager, technology specialist, strategist, light planner and economics.

Heinz Haring


Heinz, a legally certified expert for glass in civil engineering since 2009, is an internationally recognized authority with over thirty years of experience in the glass industry. His know-how covers architectural glass construction, glass machining, and glass manufacture and production as well as diverse innovations.

His career to date has included several top management positions at the Saint Gobain group, including heading up Stiassny Glastechnik and Glas Ziegler. Since 2011 Heinz has been managing shareholder of Glas & Co Glastechnik, specialized in the development and realization of particularly challenging and innovative glass projects.


Heinz is responsible for profile development, series production, and the industrial production of



Manfred graduated with a doctorate in Technical Physics from the Vienna Technical University and is currently on the board of Münze Austria AG, responsible for innovation, production, m&a, purchasing and technology.

Manfred has held management positions with various leaders in innovation, such as Ascom Austria (management board), VAMED (member of management team), and Frequentis (establishing the subsidiary in Singapore).


Manfred acts as technical advisor for Glass technology, particularly strategy, IPs/patents, supply chain management, and electronic & light system development.